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Hyperpigmentation is the dark discoloration of skin caused by an increase in the pigment melanin. Many different factors can trigger an increase in melanin production by the skin cells called melanocytes, with the main one’s being sun exposure, hormonal imbalances, natural aging process and skin injuries that cause inflammation. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin problem that may occur at any stage of life; however, it is more prominent in the middle-aged population especially if they have had excessive sun exposure during their lifetime. People with darker skin tones (African, Asian, and Mediterranean) are more prone to hyperpigmentation.  

In cases when hyperpigmentation is not caused solely by sun exposure, it is recommended to diagnose and control the conditions that cause hyperpigmentation prior to treating the skin. The skin treatment strategy for hyperpigmentation is usually discussed during the initial client’s consultation, when important factors like age, skin type, life style, medications and possible causes of discoloration are considered. We also give recommendations on what home care products can be used to improve the outcome of the treatments. 


At our practice we offer techniques that are widely used and approved for treatment of hyperpigmentation:


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) – it is an FDA approved gold standard technique for treating sun damage (hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries), IPL is also FDA approved for treating acne and acne scaring (hyperpigmentation marks caused by post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - PIH).


Chemical peels and Microdermabrasion – they are suitable for all types of hyperpigmentation and are safe for all skin types.


Mesotherapy and Microneedling – can be used for most types of hyperpigmentation.

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